Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is a specialist field of dentistry -health science that deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing problems related to teeth- that seeks aesthetic results in the smile, through procedures such as smile design or endodontics.

Aesthetic dentistry focuses on the face, personality, and specific features of each patient to ensure that their teeth have the ideal conditions of size, shape and color. These are some of the conditions that can be treated:

  • Misaligned teeth  With the help of aesthetic brackets, the smile can look symmetrical.
  • Gap teeth They can be joined together with brackets or dental veneers.
  • Teeth stains Normally, these stains arise due to alterations or erosion of the enamel, and the solution can be a professional cleaning or whitening.
  • Fractured teeth  Fissures and fractures can lead to greater tooth sensitivity. In order to restore teeth and eliminate pain, we resort to endodontics