Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Paola Carranza, a specialist in Endodontics, also called root canal, is a university professor, an active member of the Academia Costarricense de Endodoncia (Costa Rican Endodontics Academy), and a very well-regarded member of our team thanks to her broad experience with complex cases.

Her dedication to her job, and the simplicity with which she patiently and kindly explains to people the different reasons why a tooth may end up needing a root canal in order to almost immediately ease pain, put her among our patient´s favorite doctors.  Just about every day she has to deal with a patient´s severe discomfort and pain, either facial or tooth.  Her empathy makes an enormous difference in any case.

Besides being one of our specialists in dental tourism projects, she is the mother of two girls with whom she loves to spend time, along with her husband, building long-lasting memories.

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