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Your Patient Coordinator will provide you with information on hotels near our office, transportation to your dental appointments, and entertainment options in the country to ensure your stay is pleasant inside and outside the Dental Clinic.

No. The Clinic will provide the doctor’s prescription, and everything you need from the drugstore will be delivered to our office, at an additional cost.

Not directly with the Clinic, but we will help you contact financial entities in the United States to help you in every step of the process. If YOU ARE INTERESTED, please contact your

We offer a lifetime warranty on our implants and a 5-year warranty on bridges and crowns.

It is very easy, just follow this link to get a free quote and one of our representatives will be in contact with you to explain how easy it is.

Yes, we do. However, if you want this type of anesthesia, please inform your doctor before your appointment, as most of the time, we use infiltration anesthesia like Novocaine.

Dental implants are often placed in the mouth due to their lifetime warranty, functiona.

Each patient’s stay will vary depending on their treatment. Based on our doctors’ experience, we recommend a set number of days to ensure the best results while allowing for adjustments and last-minute details without jeopardizing our patients’ departure flights.

  • We recommend arriving one day before your first appointment with Nature Smile Dental Center.
  • Choose your outbound flight two days after the expected end date to avoid setbacks with any adjustments, so that our team can have enough time and thus ensure the best guarantees of work and the aesthetic finishes that characterize us.
  • If the patient requires between 1 and 3 crowns, allow for 5 to 6 working days.
  • If placing more than 4 crowns, between 8 to 10 working days.

If placing Surgical Phase Implants, allow for 7 to 9 working days.

Our Patient Coordinator will provide you with the date of your appointments. Once the date has been agreed, you can purchase your direct airplane ticket to Juan Santamaría International Airport in Costa Rica. Upon arrival, one of our duly-identified representatives will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel or accommodation of choice.

Each patient is different, and so are their tastes. We like to cater to their lodging preference, either in internationally-renowned hotels where they have felt comfortable on other occasions or in a B&B near us at more affordable prices. We have an extensive list of hotels near our facilities where we have prior arrangements to offer our patients the best rates in the market. You can find our list at on our website.

We closely oversee your transportation both to our office and back to your hotel. In case the hotel does not offer this service, your Patient Coordinator will be in contact with you before each appointment, to pick you up on time before your appointment. Nature Smile will be offering transportation to hotels and locations within a 4 to 7-mile radius of our offices. Outside this radius, we will coordinate your transportation either in a regular taxicab or by uber.

This type of prosthesis is installed with just 4 implants, and the entire structure is supported by these 4 implants. It is a permanent solution for patients who have used dentures for years: the types of prostheses that move inside the mouth, making it difficult to chew firmly and safely and even limit your confidence when talking.Despite being a prosthesis, ALL ON 4 is aesthetically designed to avoid covering your palate as others do, allowing you to savor your food in all directions. Our patients say: “I feel like I have my own teeth again like I’m me again…”

As with any other implant, it is a two-stage process. The 4 implants are placed in the Surgical Stage. There is a waiting period of three to 6 months depending on instructions by the surgeon in charge. The Rehabilitation Stage is when the definitive prosthesis is placed. However, during the waiting months, you will have a provisional prosthesis to help you eat and smile while the definitive change in complete. During the second stage, the definitive prosthesis is placed on the 4 implants that were previously attached to the bone. The results are impressive, giving you back the naturalness and functionality of your natural teeth.

How to make an appointment?

  • Step 1

    Have a valid passport

  • Step 2

    Have a good attitude and jump on a plane to finally have the smile you have waited for so long. Leave the rest in our expert hands and change your smile at a totally affordable price, with world-class technology and materials.

  • Step 3

    Be healthy overall. If you have a physical or metabolic impairment, please consult with your doctor first, to take all precautions during your treatment. Also notify in advance if you suffer asthma, or heart, kidney or liver failure.

    Get anxiety attacks? Nature Smile makes available any type of general sedation if you want it or need it.

  • Step 4

    All you have to do is complete the form, right here where it says Get a Free Quote. Once you send it, one of our doctors will get in contact with you promptly to give you the information you may need, all the way from case-specific dental details to travel details, prices and how, even if you come over here you can save between 50% and 60% of what you would pay at home. The doctor will also explain the best options for your rehabilitation and even other treatment options.

  • Step 5

    Once your doubts have been clarified, we want to advise you as best as possible. Our doctors will ask for recent photographs and X-rays, and if you have records of past treatments with your home dentist. All of this is of utmost importance to plan your treatment, especially if you have panoramic X-rays.

    Nature Smile is a clinic fully committed to patient wellbeing and satisfaction. We will be with you at each step, advising you about matters such as entry requirements post-COVID19, the most appropriate travel insurance, and the lodging options available. We take care of your transportation airport-clinic-hotel-airport. In advance, thank you for trusting us. Travel safe.

    If you are ready, please click here to GET A FREE QUOTE. We will be in touch with you very soon.

Protocol COVID-19

  • Nature Smile after COVID19

    For many years we have held high standards in the areas of sanitation and infection control, keeping infections at bay. Moreover, we follow all international regulations and recommendations related to equipment cleansing, social distancing, protection screens for our team, and separation between seats in the waiting area. We have kept abreast of certified surgical-grade disinfectants, materials to clean floors, walls, carpets, seating in the waiting area, all surfaces, and we carefully sterilize all our dental instruments and equipment. Your dental health is reflections of our effort to keep impeccable sanitary conditions.

    Info about COVID 19

    The virus has caused a global health crisis, but that has not made Nature Smile close its doors. We have resorted to scientific publications and research regarding transmission methods and global indications related to prevention measures and leisure control. Nature Smile has made an enormous effort to follow the most stringent international standards. These efforts have been very successful. Over these last six months, our practice has not experienced a single case of cross-contamination, including our medical and administrative staff.

    We are very proud to know that none of our patients have experienced cross-contamination. Needless to say, our internal regulations, sterilization systems, instrument cleansing and protection barriers, for both our dental equipment and our facilities, are quite strict. To protect the health of all persons involved, we have established the following rules.

    1. All patients must wear a mask when entering our facilities.
    2. They must wipe off their shoes on hospital-grade, disinfectant-impregnated floor mats.
    3. Patients must wash their hands and rub them with alcohol immediately after.
    4. They must use the mouth rinse provided to them by the hygiene experts.
    5. Patients must present a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test result prior to starting any treatment.
    6. And, as now customary, they must remain at a minimum distance of 2 meters for any other person.

    Please contact us in case you answer affirmatively to any of these questions:

    1. Have you, or your companion, been in contact with a COVID-19 POSITIVE person within the last month?
    2. Have you, or your companion, felt fatigue, nasal secretions, sneezing, dry cough, fever or diarrhea in the last few days?
    3. Do you, or your companion, have any illness that compromises your immunological system or defense system?
    4. Do you, or your companion, have diabetes, high-blood pressure, kidney failure? Please specify.
    5. Have you, or your companion, had difficulty breathing, lost your sense of taste and/or smell?
    6. Have you been tested for COVID-19? If so, and if the result was POSITIVE, please indicate date.

    Now that the country is opening its borders again, we want to continue providing our dental tourism services without any fear. All our controls are regulated by the corresponding government institutions.

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