Why Dentistry in Costa Rica?

Renowned for superior medical standards, personal safety, reasonable costs, in combination with impressive views.

Each day it is harder and more expensive for people to get their teeth fixed. They miss out on eating so many things they like, and even suffer stomach problems because they cannot chew food correctly. Putting an end to this torture is one of the reasons behind tourism to Costa Rica, located in the heart of Central America. Costa Rica has become a strategic destination for so many people that take part in what has been called medical tourism.

It is no secret that the ecological diversity and beauty of this country have led renowned artists, professional players and scores of celebrities to choose this small piece of land as a favorite to bring their families and experience this natural paradise, a country WITH NO ARMY. Endemic vegetation represents 5% of the world´s flora, and beaches and volcanoes can take the breath away of even the most stressed out person.

Dental treatments are one of Costa Rica´s strongest sources of revenue. Our professionals (trained both locally and internationally) have taken dentistry to new heights. State-of-the-art technology and materials help thousands of patients go back home rehabilitated and with smiles worthy of magazine covers. This is all thanks to an outstanding team of professionals that make up Nature Smile.

People from the U.S.A., Canada and even Europe take advantage of their visit to the country to also get their teeth fixed. Our fame, which has crossed borders, has earned the trust of hordes of people.

Although foreign insurance does not come in quite handy here (many procedures are not fully covered, or are covered but at a high cost), patients still experience significant savings, ranging between 60% and 70%, when treated here. In other words, even adding lodging and airfare, you still end up paying less than at home. Moreover, many patients take our advice and add a few days’ vacation to go visit nearby volcanoes or spectacular waterfalls. Nature Smile has been widely recommended by our own patients, who have become our best calling card.

We sincerely welcome you to experience another type of tourism, in the hands of leaders in technology, the best team of specialists and the best approach to dental tourism. Thank you in advance for believing in us.

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