A dental implant is a medical device designed to replace the missing root and keep the artificial tooth in place. It is made with biocompatible materials that do not produce rejection reactions and help it attach to the bone. The implant surface may have different textures and coatings, usually used to increase its adhesion to the bone (osseointegration, it is made of titanium and bio-integration if it is a ceramic material).

When replacing lost teeth with implants, a greater amount of bone is preserved, since it is reabsorbed and does not receive any type of stimulus.

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Implants are titanium attachments surgically placed in the bone to permanently replace missing or severely damaged pieces. Dental bone grafts are guaranteed for life.

It is the most used option due to its durability, functionality, and aesthetic appearance. The treatment and number of implants will depend on the needs of each patient.

Implants can be used to replace one or several pieces. They can be used for dental bridges or to replace the entire dental arch, but no matter what your case is, 2 visits will always be needed.

1rt Phase - Surgical phase

In this phase, an implant is placed in the bone that needs to be replaced. Specialists will explain the appropriate size and thickness for your case.

If there is low bone density, the bone graft will be placed during this same appointment. The amount will depend on the bone loss as determined by X-rays.

It is important to remember that after the first appointment the patient must wait 4 to 6 months according to the surgeon’s instructions so that the implant undergoes an osseointegration process and thus ensure that the implant is completely integrated, and the bone is ready to place the crown or bridges.

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2nd Phase

In this phase, the crowns, bridges, or complete arches are placed on implants.

Their stability and functionality are checked, and when they are
ready, they are extremely aesthetic and look very natural. Cases where Dental Implants can be placed.

  • Significant tooth decay.
  • Infections.
  • Damage from accidents.
  • As alternatives to dentures.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • All on x all on 5,6,8.

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