It is an invisible orthodontics. Designed to improve our oral health, it is the most discreet orthodontic treatment. It is comprised of tooth splints, built with various aligners to correct the bad position of the teeth. The splints are comfortable and aesthetic. They serve to put the teeth in place and maintain aesthetics during the orthodontic treatment.
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Does it help in all cases?

Invisalign aligners move the teeth by applying precise force to achieve controlled tooth movement. It is an orthodontic treatment without brackets. Unlike traditional brackets, Invisalign not only controls the degree of movement per aligner but also the time needed for the movement to happen.

What materials are used to build Invisalign splints?

These dental splints are made of thermoplastic. This material is exclusively for medical use, highly resistant, and developed for the Invisalign system. Aligners are made to order and adjust to every tooth and every case.

Can I get Invisalign
at any age?

The vast majority can be treated in adolescence and adulthood. For children, our orthodontist would have to study the case and, once assessed, they can indicate the most advisable method.

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