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Nature Smile Dental Laboratories

Our labs are the strategic partner of our dental office. We have made sure to hire the best personnel at all levels: laboratory, administration, dentists, and suppliers, and we use the best technology for the best outcome.

Modern dentistry, innovative and highly focused on functionality, such as high precision in the mouth, and dental aesthetics, turns our creation into natural and unnoticeable works of art for our patients, with the permanent advice of professionals who will study your head structure, size and shape, tooth color, alignment, and contours, so as to ensure the best combination with your face, producing a breathtaking appearance.

At Nature Smile, your approval before dental luting is one of our biggest challenges … and commitments. We will not cement anything until you agree.


Each piece developed at Nature Smile Dental is designed to improve the patient’s aesthetics and functionality. A series of digital designs are produced using high-precision technology. Then the structures are given in the appropriate shape, following computer instructions. The ceramics block rotates on its axis while a diamond disk moves up and down, grinding and polishing the piece.

We work with any type of aesthetic material: feldspar, lithium disilicate, Empress, zirconium, etc.

“Complete dental laboratory facilities focused on quality, technology, and service.”

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